Desperate Housewives…Lazy Writers


LongoriaLast nights episode was very poorly written. The whole reason for the pie vs salad confrontation was for Bree to sneak into the house and discover that Katherine had a secret. The whole storyline was boring and annoying at the same time. At least it had a payoff. From the time Bree realized she had the key, it got better.

Another situation that was unbelievable in the Desperate universe was the interaction between Gabby and Lynette over the hospital visits. Lynette was never the kind of person that would “test” her friendships openly. Also, she would have realized that Gabby had a personal trauma in her past that caused her fear of hospitals. I love Lynette (as well as Fellicity), but they are taking cheap plots with her cancer storyline.

To sum it up, it was a lazy episode. I guess the writers have already started their strike on Desperate.