Diablo Cody renews my hope for “Land of the Lost”


Ferrell Gets 'Lost'I’ve been worried about the upcoming “Land of the Lost” movie starring Wil Ferrell. Afraid that it would be more “Talladega Nights” and less “Jurassic Park“. An article by screenwriter Diablo Cody has given me hope:

Take heart, geeks — [the director] Silberling is a bona fide LOTL fanboy. He’s also an incredibly Zen dude; on the day of my visit, Silberling is months into a complicated shoot, and yet he’s still grinning behind the monitor. Tonally, this Land has more of a comedy bent than the original series. You can’t put Ferrell, Danny McBride (Will), and Jorma Taccone (Chaka the Pakuni) on a set, allow them to riff freely, and not expect hilarity to ensue. The brothers Krofft are fixtures on the set. In an age of crass, unfaithful remakes, it’s great to see the original creators being involved as producers and treated with respect.

I like Will Ferrell, but many of his last few movies have been so over the top…they’ve bordered on the completely stupid. I did not want my LOTL to be just ‘another Will Ferrell comedy’. I didn’t want this Rick Marshall to be anything like Marshall Willenholly. Hopefully with Sid and Marty on set every day, “fanboy” Silberling feels a sense of responsibility or their legacy.

I admire Sid and Marty Krofft, and hope that “Land of the Lost” becomes one of the great movies of the year. Both them, and their fans, deserve the best movie possible.