Doctor Sara not returning to Prision Break


Micheal Aussiello at is reporting that Sarah Wayne Callie will not be returning for season 3 of Prision Break.

We already knew that Callies was MIA from the opening credits in the first two episodes and that, for the one scene in which Dr. Sara appeared, a body double was used. But nonetheless, trusting souls that we are, we believed the mom-to-be still had a job. Well, no more. There's a story here, and you're gonna get it.

This is not good news.  Even though Sara's storylines were not always good, I really wanted to see some sort of conclusion to her story (onscreen).  She is an important part of Michael's struggle with what he did, and not having her as that motivation is disappointing. 

Who knows, maybe it'll work out in the end.  We'll just have to wait and see.