Dr. Horrible Rides Again!


doctorHot off the heals of the Emmy win, Joss Wheadon makes mention of the sequel to the smash hit Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog during an Dollhouse interview. TVGuide Magazine reports:

There will be a second Dr. Horrible Sing-Along Blog, Joss Whedon said in a Thursday conference call with reporters to promote Dollhouse. The main question, he says, is whether he does it “on a shoe string again” or goes bigger budget and “invites other people into the process.” Either way, he promises that it won’t affect the storyline.

We all knew it was coming, but how long do we have to wait? My first reaction was “No! Don’t go bigger!”. But, after thinking about it a minute, that would probably be the best thing to do.

Allowing it to grow would help to bring in a wider audience. More exposure. There are still those who don’t realize that there are great net-only entertainment options out there that surpass the quality of much of the mainstream.

Who will return for the sequel? NPH is very hot right now, but he would, or course, be a necessary component of a Horrible sequel. Nathan Fillion’s new show Castle is keeping him quite busy; but we all want Captain Hammer to return. Does Moist step up and become a super-henchman? Will the Doctor resurrect Penny? Or build a Penny-bot? (come on, you have to get Felicia back).

What are your thoughts?