Electrawoman part of heroine “Ten Great”


electraThe site AfterElton has a list of 10 great TV superheroines. We here at KROFFT.NET put her at #1, but AfterElton has this to say:

For one glorious season in 1976, Sid & Marty Krofft answered the prayers of kids who believed that the 60’s Batman series just wasn’t gay enough. This would be Deidre Hall’s finest hour until that nasty Succubus possessed her in Salem years later. Speaking of soap opera stars, Jane Elliot guest starred as “Princess Cleopatra”, and then went on to create the all time greatest soap villainess, Tracy Quartermaine. In this clip, you get to see the mid 70’s Krofft production values in all their glory, plus an appearance from Sid Haig, in a performance that rivals his work as “Capt. Spaulding” in The Devil’s Rejects for sheer awesomeness. He plays “The Genie”, and our heroines are after him for kidnapping “Professor Nobokov”. ELECTRA-FREUDIAN!

In 2001, a pilot for a new version of Electra Woman and Dyna Girl was shot, starring Markie Post. In this travesty, Electra Woman was a drunken trailer park floozy whose husband had run off with the original Dyna Girl. You can watch the first part here, but be prepared to see a classic sullied.

The 2001 attempted revival was amazingly bad. I remember when I first heard of the new series, I was extremely excited. But, the resulting pilot is too difficult to even think about. This is where the Kroffts blew it. They had a great opportunity to bring back Electra Woman this century. Comic book themes have become widely accepted, and EW & DG would have been perfect.