Eliza and Joss Back on TV!


faithThis is awesome news. I was a big fan of Tru Calling, so having Dushku on TV again gets me excited. Michael Ausiello at TVGuide.com gives us:

It’s a one-hour drama produced by Twentieth Century Fox to air on Fox. The first of the seven episodes to which the network has committed could premiere as early as spring. It’s called Dollhouse because that’s the nickname of the high-tech lab where a group of human chalkboards are kept between assignments.

I really recommend you go over and check out the entire article. It is a phone interview with both of them, and has allot of information. I am really excited to see what Joss and Eliza have come up with. My only hesitation is that it is with FOX, and we all know the luck that Joss has with FOX.

I can’t wait to hear more from either Joss or Eliza on this new project.

UPDATE:  A fan-site for Dollhouse is already up and running.