Evan Almighty – It’s a Good Movie


evan_almighty.jpgI read the reviews, heard the complaints, and listened. Evan Almighty stunk. I stayed away from it. Well, in my opinion, they were wrong. Evan is a family/kids movie, and it was marketed that way. Just look at the trailers. It wasn’t “Bruce Almighty 2”. It is a new film.

I rented the movie because my kids wanted to see it. Was is surreal? Yes. Was it as witty and funny as Bruce? No. But it was still a good movie. It reminded me of those live action Disney films of the past (Witch Mountain, Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, Flubber). I think that most, if not all, reviewers looked at this film from the point of view of Bruce Almighty 2. And that is a shame.

If you have children between the ages of 6 and 10, I highly recommend this film. They will love it.