Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer Quick Review



I took my kids to see FF2 today, and they enjoyed it.  People have to stop comparing Fantastic Four to Batman/Spider-man/X-men because they are completely different movies.  Fantastic Four is more like Spy Kids or Shark Boy and Lava Girl.


I have 5 kids (11,10,8,7,6).  The sceens that I rolled my eyes at, my kids cheered.  Yes, it was campy, but that seems to be what they were going for.  I watch Legion of Superheros and Justice League Unlimited on TV with my kids.  FF2 was a live action version of that.  And judging it from that point of view….it was a good movie….better than the first…and better than Spider-man 3 and X-men 3….because it didn’t forget what kind of movie it was, and it did that well.

Now, Galactus as an intergalactic storm cloud.  That was a brilliant idea.  Realistically, if you had never heard of Galactus, and you were thinking of a alien-being that could devour a planet… would look exactly as  Galactus did in the movie.  My 8 year old knows Galactus, and when I asked him what he thought of ‘him’ in the movie he said, “He was hiding in that cloud.  Too bad we didn’t get to see him.”  When I thought about it, that was the perfect response.  Yes, we didn’t get to ‘see’ the Galactus of Marvel canon, but what we did get served the story well.  Remember, we all wanted to see Venom….and look how that turned out.

When judging FF2 on the level it was intended to be judge, I loved it.