Finally, The Office is Back


The OfficeLast night, The Office returned to it’s usual great form…a single 1/2 hour.  Not that their hasn’t been glimmers of excellence over the past few weeks of hour long episodes, but it was too uneven.Michael wasn’t the moron they’ve been showing over the last few weeks.  True to form, he ended up coming out on top in the end with the excellent commercial.  This is The Office I love, The Office that I have missed.

Some other great moments were the interchanges between Dwight and Andy over Angela.  That story is turning out some excellent television.  Part of me wonders if Angela and Andy aren’t working together to taunt Dwight, but most likely Andy is true in his infatuation with Angela.

I hope that The Office continues this consistency for the rest of the season.  For not, it has earned its must-see status.