Flash Back with Sonya Walger


Sonya Walger has been popping up everywhere the last few years, and I’ve loved every minute she’s been on the screen. She’s finally moved from supporting to main character in ABC’s new drama, Flash Forward. TVGuide online posted an interview with this amazing actress. Here is part of the interview.

TVGuide.com: All right, when are you returning to Lost?
Sonya Walger: No idea. Not a clue. I don’t even know if I’m in the last season.

TVGuide.com: Do you think Penny should die in the end?
Walger: Are you saying in a sacrificial way, Penny needs to die? I hope not because Penny’s so great. There would be mass outcry, but you know what, they killed off Charlie, so anything can happen. I feel like her dad should be the one to bite it. I am not kidding.

Go on over and check out the entire interview. Sonya is one of the reasons I’m drawn to Flash Forward, and I’m looking forward to rest of the season. Also, I really hope we get closure with Penny on Lost.