Flavors Of Entanglement

Alanis Morissette Flavors Of Entanglement

flavorsJune 10th was the U.S. release of Alanis Morissette’s “Flavors Of Entanglement”. Let me start off by saying I love this album and it is a gush of beautiful poetry and melody. But I can’t go into that without first pointing out poor treatment of fans by Maverick/Warner Brothers.

There are just too many versions of this album. If I want to own all the tracks in this album, I have to purchase a “deluxe” edition, an “iTunes pre-order” and the single for “Underneath”. Then, and only then, do I get all the tracks. Some of them twice, and even three times. Why are fans treated this way? How do they expect to get new fans with practices like this?

I bought the “Deluxe Edition”. First I have to say that it is a beautiful album. Most of the songs display Alanis’ Eastern influences. This is definitely not “So Called Chaos” with its potential for single-hits, but a complete album full of poetic verse and mesmerizing melodies. Because of this, there are few songs that ‘catch you’ right away, but still you are again given a look into Alanis’ soul, and feel the words as they are sung.

Both my wife and I absolutely love Alanis and her music. My wife a singer, and myself a musician, I tend to judge an album by how many songs we’d like to perform together for fun. Sadly, this album has few of those. Both “Incomplete” and the deluxe only “On the Tequila” have that melodic, well sung quality that we look for. That isn’t saying that the album is poor, it’s just not perfect. I consider “Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie” the perfect Alanis album. It contains the perfect balance of the Alanis styles that I love.

I believe that as time goes on, I will come to love this album more and more. In repeated listening, there is not one song I will skip. Again, Alanis provides her fans with a wonderful set of songs to love and cherish…too bad I can’t hear them all.

Here is Alanis performing on David Letterman last night: