Geri Reischl inteview in 16 Magazine from 1977


The Brady Bunch is Back
The information in this article is over 20 years old, and cannot be considered current.
Geri Reischl - 16 Magazine

Geri Reischl is the newest member of The Brady Bunch. This pretty 17-year-old was one of the many hundreds of girls to try out for the part of “Jan Brady,” originally played by Eve Plumb. After many auditions, Geri came out a winner – and she couldn’t be more delighted! And in case you haven’t noticed, cos Geri’s so talented, she’s also an Eve Plumb look-a-like!

Geri was born on December 31, 1959. Two days later she was adopted by Herbert and Wanda Reischl – that must have been a fantastically happy new year for the Reischl family, which includes brother Jack, who is now 26. Jack has a home of his own and working and going to school, he’s trying to decide whether he wants to be an accountant or an air traffic controller. Mr. Reischl, an operations manager for an advertising firm, lives with the rest of his family in a small house in Lakewood, California. Geri has her own room which is decorated in yellow and gold.

When she’s not attending Mayfair High or working, Geri loves to relax in her room and play her guitar. She’s been playing the guitar for ten years and she especially loves to play country and rock music. Some of her fave singers are Wayne Newton, Loretta Lynn, and Peter Frampton. She also enjoys listening to Chicago and Queen. Geri is 5’2″ tall and weighs 97 pounds. She has green eyes and long blond hair- which she use to wear with bangs, but now parts down the center in order to look more like the “Jan” you’re used to seeing.

At age six, Geri was in the play The Sound of Music with Patrice Munsel. An agent saw her and she landed two commercials just like that! Geri first acted on TV in an old series, The Interns. Later, she appeared in Gunsmoke and The Bold Ones – she also starred in a science fiction movie called Poor Albert and Little Annie. She even managed to get her own country-rock band The Sand Dabs together. She was all of 14 at the time! She and the band went on to play U.S.O. clubs and then KNotts Berry Farm- just like Barry Williams! Geri was one of Sammy Davis Jr’s “Kids” in his Lake Tahoe night club act. And just this past summer, Geri toured the country, doing an act with adorable Rene Simard. Geri’s ambition for the future is to get a recording contract so that she can sing her country music for an even larger audience. With all of her energy, she can’t miss!

In her hectic young life, Geri has made time for lots of friends – one in particular. Geri’s friend, Barbara, keeps her up to date on everything that’s happening in the neighborhood and at school while Geri’s busy working. They love going places together, too! They’ve even made time to visit senior citizens homes and to small things for the residents. Says Geri, “We go to visit and talk and get water for them…and even when they don’t hear us or don’t understand us, I like to think they know we’re there because we care and that makes them feel good.” Geri also spends time playing dominoes with her own grandmother who is 84.

As for the guys in her life, Geri likes them nice, but not “mushy.” She appreciates good manners and if a guy happens to play tennis, that’s a plus too! Geri says, “I’m not a woman’s libber at all. I expect a guy to open my door and close it.” Wouldn’t it be nice is Geri and Barry Williams became an item- looks like they’ve already got lots in common!