Ginnifer Goodwin: “Acting her ass off”

272's Micheal Ausiello had this to say in his weekly column this week.

Love was always a little hit-or-miss with me, but these last seven episodes have made me a believer. Easily the best show of the summer. And can we just take a moment to bask in the awesomeness that is Ginnifer Goodwin? That girl is acting her ass off this season. I've already reserved a spot on our 2008 Dream Emmy Ballot for her. Ditto GraceZabriskie, who brings such joy to my life I almost want to hand her a wad of cash every time her nutzilla alter ego shows up on my screen.

Ditto I say! Ginnifer (Margene) and Grace (Lois) are absolutely unbelievable this season. I dare to say that there has been no better acting on television this entire year. Although, I think that it is too much to hope that Love will get any Emmy 'love' this year. The show is so smart, and the acting is so superb, it is a shame that it'll probably go unrecognized.

Do you love Margene and Lois as much as I do? You have to agree they steal the show whenever they are on screen. What are Margene's chances at an Emmy? Does she deserve it?