Ginnifer Goodwin in Williamstown Theatre Festival Production


Big Love's Margene (Goodwin) is currently back in her old college town starring in a play for the Williamstown Theatre Festival through August 12th. The Boston Globe's article discusses the role and also her early acting career, as well as her experiences with Big Love.

Goodwin was certain that she blew one of the [Big Love's] key auditions with some hijinks of her own. It's with a blush of embarrassment that she recalls doing her screen test with Bill Paxton, who was already cast as family patriarch Bill Henrickson. When she was asked to perform a scene with Paxton, whom she had never met, she entered the audition room, shook his hand, then jumped up on him and started kissing him wildly.

It is a very good article. I've always found Margene very sweet and lovable. If you've listen to any of the commentary tracks on the Big Love season 1 DVDs, then you know that Ginnifer gives off the same vibe. It's great to see little articles like this that shows her in such a good way.

What is your opinion of Ginnifer? Have you seen much of her other work? If anyone in the Williamstown area gets to see the performance, give us a review.