Golden Globe Nominees Announced


globesThe Golden Globe Nominees have been announced today. There are some pleasant surprises, and some disappointments.

First, motion pictures. For the first time since I can remember, I haven’t seen any of the movies up for nomination (comedy or drama). So I guess I have no comment. There are only 2 I planned on seeing (Juno and Sweeny Todd), so maybe after the awards I’ll have my interest piqued in something else. I loved the Simpson’s Movie, but I does not belong on the same list as Bee Movie and Ratatouille. Bee Movie was solid film making, and Ratatouille was genius. Simpson’s was fun at most, and wasn’t trying to be anything more than that.

Next, television. I am very happy to see Big Love, Pushing Daisies and Californication as nominees. Big Love is way overdue for the recognition, and Pushing Daisies should just be given the award now. Big Love doesn’t get the respect it deserves because of the taboo subject matter. Any lover of good television would love it if they would just give it a chance. Pushing Daisies is the best, most well crafted show on television in years. Why this show doesn’t have more nominations I don’t understand. It is simply amazing. Anna Friel performace as Chuck is part of what makes the show so special, so it’s great that she is getting recognition, but her chances of winning seem slim.

The entire Best Comedy Actress category is pretty heavy. I think all of those women deserve to win. It’s nice to see Christina Applegate nominated for Samantha Who. She is excellent in her show, and makes what would be a cliche sitcom into a joy of a series to watch. Tina Fey is also a pleasant surprise. She is normally recognized for her excellent comedic writing, but her acting has managed to stand out on the talent heavy 30 Rock, especially with the likes of Alec Baldwin.

The top of the Best Comedy Actor category is Alec Baldwin. He’s been good over the years, but his performance on 30 Rock has solidified his position as top Baldwin Brother. I’m torn in the category because Lee Pace has been amazing on Daisies. He hasn’t shown the range and control that Baldwin has, but he’s made the completely surreal character of Ned feel completely genuine.

It’s great to see Katherine Heigl nominated for Grey’s. She is another underrated actress who continues to do amazing work even though shes given ridiculous storylines. What is disappointing is the lack of nomination for Chandra Wilson as Bailey. She has turned in such moving and exceptional performance this season that not having her nominated is criminal. Wilson and Heigl keep that show credible when higher billed performers consistently phone-it-in.

Although the Supporting Actress category is another one I am conflicted over. Jaime Pressly surely deserves the honor. Her performance on Earl is getting better and better every week. She did win last year, but she does deserve it again.

The Golden Globes are what I like to call the fun awards. They are always enjoyable to watch as the attendants seem to take it with less formality than other awards. Christine Lahti’s bathroom break and subsequent Robin Williams performance is an all-time classic Globes moment. I hope we get another excellent show.