Grey’s Gives Izzie Her Respect Back


heiglLast night’s Grey’s finally brought the respect back for Katherine Heigl and her character, Izzie Stephens.  Over the last few weeks, they’ve taken this great character and almost ruined her.  From the deer-surgery to the cafeteria fight, they paid no respect to this Emmy winning actress and terrific character up until now.  After last night, I am now enjoying Grey’s again.

I know that there are allot of fans out there that despise the George-Izzy relationship, but I actually enjoy it.  It is very true that 2 best friends can fall for each other, especially when one of them become unavailable.  If George wouldn’t have gotten married but engaged, it would have produced the same situation.

I’m looking forward to the developments this season.  Christina and Callie,  Meredith and Lexie, Alex and Ava, and yes…George and Izzie.  Plus with the addition of Dr. Hahn (Brooke Smith), this season is really shaping up.