Halloween on Housewives


Last night on Desperate Housewives had its ups and downs. There were three main story lines; Danielle’s baby, Mike’s Dad, and Lynette’s cancer. One was good, one was bad, and one was awful. The Gabby/Carlos story did progress, but nothing we didn’t expect.

Danielle’s pregnancy took a very funny turn tonight when Bree became her Halloween costume. Her imitation of Bree was hilarious, and excellently acted by Joy Lauren. Cross’s interaction with her Danielle in the final scene was amazing, and really brought the Bree/Danielle relationship full circle. It was a little obvious that the only reason they needed Nathan Fillion to deliver the baby was to get the Frankenstein picture (left). It was kind of offhanded. But, it didn’t ruin it for me at all.

The way that Lynette’s cancer reveal was handled was very awkward. It wasn’t immediately evident what parallels they were trying to draw, and her sudden obsession with an opossum seemed out of left field. This was a necessary story for her, but could have been handled a little better. I read that there was some footage left on the cutting room floor of Lynette at the hospital that could have made it better. Maybe they should have left it in and cut out more of Susan’s story.

Or cut out all of Susan’s story. This entire event was just terrible. They went a very long way to show that Susan has misgivings about Mike, and that Mike may or may not be hiding a drug problem from Susan. That could have been accomplished in much less screen time, with much less pain. At no time was Susan ever in the right, which made this very poor. Teri Hatcher continues to get the worst writing on the show.

In all it was a good episode, except for the overly drawn out part of the Susan/Mike fiasco.