Hello Marshall, Will and Holly


marshalwillhollyHot off the heels of “Land of the Lost” filming wrapping up and the Krofft Brothers joining MySpace we have our first picture of Marshall, Will and Holly together.

Yes, the story is no longer about a park ranger and his children. Anna Friel (Holly) is Ferrell’s love interest in the film not his daughter, and McBride (Will) is not Rick’s son either. With my renewed faith in this production I’m now worried for the success of the project. This summer’s “Journey to the Center of the Earth” with Brendan Fraser was very close to this version of LOTL. What would have distinguished LOTL from Journey3D is the familial relationship between the characters. I’m afraid that the uninitiated will view LOTL as a knockoff.

I’m almost convinced that us old fans of “Land of the Lost” will be pleased with the movie. I just hope that the Krofft Brothers’ first feature film in over 30 years has wide enough appeal to be a huge success. The success that they (and us fans) deserve.

Picture via (MoviesOnline)