HeroesI was very unimpressed with tonights season 2 opener. After a steller season one, I was dissappointed in the final episode. Not that it was a bad resolution to the story, but that the episode lacked the intensity that the entire season had.
This season opener was more of the same. The story was good, it was just executed poorly. From Nathan’s beard, to HRGs stereotypical boss and subsequent dinner table talk, it was a bore to watch. I would have gotten just as much enjoyment (maybe more) if I had read the short story, or comic book version of the episode.

One of the only bright spots was the interraction between Ando and Hiro’s father, which was sadly put to and end by the death of Mr. Nakamura. Now he may not be dead, but killing him off (even though we saw it coming) put a bigger damper on an already slow episode.

I’m not critisizing the story, but the execution of the story. Maybe it can be chalked up to bad directing, I don’t know. But the passion I have for watching Heroes is dwindling (though my passion for the story continues).