Monday, October 23, 2017

Evan Almighty – It’s a Good Movie

I read the reviews, heard the complaints, and listened. Evan Almighty stunk. I stayed away from it. Well, in my opinion, they were wrong....


They keep coming. Go to HERE for the latest list.

Krofft Kwikies – Lidsville “Escape From HooDoo”

The online video series Krofft Kwikies presents another exciting classic episode of Lidsville. In this video clip a boy finds out why you don’t...

Quick Review: Stardust

Doctor Horrible’s Trailer

From the mind of Joss Whedon comes what looks to be the funniest web series yet. As Joss descibes it, “It’s the story of...

Krofft Kwikies – The Bugaloos “The Love Bugaloos”

The online video series Krofft Kwikies presents another exciting classic episode of Bugaloos. In this video clip sparks fly when lovesick Sparky the Firefly...

Sigmund and the Sea Monsters “The Nasty Nephew”

A sea monster tax auditor audits the monster's tax return, when he doesn't see their smallest dependent, Sigmund. Sigmund's father, horrified by the prospect...

Review: Love to Love You Bradys

I read this 300 page book in one sitting....I just couldn't put it down.

Land of the Lost DVD and Blu-Ray

Will Ferrell's Land of the Lost was a critical and box office disappointment. It was also not well received by droves of Sid...

Sid & Marty in Person November 20th

Los Angeles area Krofft fans, I just received this press release about a live appearance next week. SID & MARTY KROFFT, the legendary...
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Tom Cruise as Captian Pike in the new Star Trek?

Over at IGN, they are reporting from a "trusted source" that JJ Abrams is in talks to play Spock's first boss, Captain Pike. ...

Sid & Marty Join MySpace

Stargate — Voyager?

Flavors Of Entanglement

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Lizzy Caplan In Cloverfield…3 minute clip

I was a big fan of last seasons The Class. The main reason was the wonderful performances by Lizzy Caplan. Well, she's starring in...

Lost Comic Cancelled and Brady Book Comes Early

Just recently I reported on a Land of the Lost comic available from Things From Another World. It appears that my concerns were...

Sid and Marty Introduce Krofft Kwikies

In Variety: MySpaceTV has launched “The World of Sid & Marty Krofft,” a channel that will draw from the duo’s library of quirky children’s skeins...