How Did Ted Meet Their Mother?


himymWith the close of this season of “How I Met Your Mother”, we’ve been left with wondering who the “mother” could be. Is it Sarah Chalke’s Stella? Or have we yet met the mother?

What I had hoped for was for the season finale to end with Ted’s voice over where he would proclaim, “and that’s how I met your mother”. I think it is time for “the mother” to be introduced. The show has been so close to cancellation over the last 2 seasons that a chance of a 4th season seems slim. I don’t want the show to end with that phrase, I’d like to see an entire season where we know “the mother”.

In the past when a new character was introduced (that looked like it could be her), Bob Saget (voiceover Ted) would proclaim something like, “and that’s how I met your aunt Robin”. With Stella, we’re not getting anything. I know some say that Chalke having a child automatically rules her out as “the mother”. This is unfounded. It’s entirely possible that the Bob Saget version of Ted has a stepchild.

I really enjoy HIMYM and would hate for it to end prematurely. I want the show to remain about the characters and not about ‘who the mother is’. I think by giving us “the mother” the show would be even better.