Is Doctor House Sane?


House Season 7The premiere episode of season 6 of House may have reshaped the show as we know it…in a good way. If you’ve been a viewer of House for more than a couple of seasons, you’ll notice that the only character that doesn’t seem to evolve is Dr. House himself. All the other characters change in some way due to the events on the show. House is still the same grumpy old man.

That may changed based on the season 6 premiere; I hope it does. We start off with House in the Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital that he checked into at the end of last season. In this episode House is forced to deal with his mental and emotional problems for the first time. Yes, they’ve come close in the past, but this time it was real (and not chemically induced). Watching House realize that his flaws are not always a good thing was intense. He evolved.

I hope that the writers let the evolution stick. If they are to evolve the show, we need to see the new Dr. Gregory House and how he solves the mystery disease of the week. It starts to become a different show, which is what you need when you’ve solved over 100 cases of some Lupus-like disease.

We of course couldn’t have an episode of house where he doesn’t ‘cure’ an illness. Even though they telegraphed it, the payoff was great. When House brought Lydia to see her sister playing, I welled up inside a bit. They’ve reinvigorated the show before it needed to be.

What do you think? Should House remain ‘cured’?