Josh Holloway cast in star filled movie


josh-hollowayEveryone’s favorite “Lost” tough boy has landed a role in the upcoming movie “Stay Cool”. The Hollywood Reporter has:

Josh Holloway has joined the cast of the Polish brothers’ new comedy, “Stay Cool.” Holloway will co-star with Winona Ryder, Mark Polish, Sean Astin, Chevy Chase, Hilary Duff and Jon Cryer. Holloway will play Wino, the author’s ne’er-do-well high school buddy who encourages him to seek out his long lost high school flame.

This sounds like a great role for Holloway and could really show off his post-Lost talents. He’s mastered the Han Solo-like bad boy, and now has to begin to broaden his persona for once “Lost” ends its run.

I’m not familiar with Mark Polish, but it’ll be interesting to see Josh working with Chevy Chase and Sean Astin. What do you think of Josh’ talent? Will he be typecast as Sawyer?