Judy Greer leads HBO’s “Suburban Shootout”


    greerOn the heals of “Miss Guided” being forgotten by ABC, Judy Greer has been cast as the lead in the upcoming HBO series “Suburban Shootout”. The Hollywood Reporter has:

    Judy Greer has been tapped as the lead in HBO’s half-hour pilot “Suburban Shootout” for director Barry Sonnenfeld, and Teri Polo is set in the title role of ABC’s drama presentation “Finnegan” for director Gary Fleder.

    Based on the critically praised British series, “Shootout” is a dark comedy about a woman (Greer) who escapes the city for suburban bliss only to find herself caught between two rival gangs of homicidal housewives as they vie for control of their idyllic town.

    I loved “Miss Guided” and feel that ABC never even gave it a chance. Greer is amazing, and her acting style should fit well with Shootout. Greer is perfect for the dark comedy.

    Even though “Miss Guided” isn’t technically dead, there isn’t any hope. Most people didn’t even know it was on or existed…even ABC.

    I think Judy Greer is an amazing talent, what do you think of her?