Kevin Smith to Direct Heroes Spinoff

At ComicCon in San Diego last week, it was annouced that Kevin Smith will be writing/directing an episode (possibly the 1st) of Heroes:Origins.

From Kevin Himself at

Yes – I’m directing an episode (maybe the first episode) of the “Heroes” spinoff “Heroes: Origins”. It’s gonna be fun, to say the least. Big thanks to Tim Kring and Jeph Loeb for not only inviting me to play in their sandbox, but to pop in on their panel with the news. I’m a huge fan of the show, and now to be a part of it is pretty amazing.

This is awesome news. Kevin Smith's style is perfect for the Heroes universe and I can't wait. It is evident that there is crossover between Kevin fans and Heroes fans, as he didn't even need an introduction.

Go over to for the full story and video.

Also, in the latest Smith SmodCast, Kevin talks with his wife about what it means to him, and his reaction to the great reception he received.