Krofft Characters Getting Attention


earlbluescreen1For years I’ve a Krofft Fan website called KROFFT.NET(currently under heavy rebuild), so I am a huge fan of the Brothers Krofft. Between the last 3 weeks of South Park and last weeks My Name Is Earl, the works of Sid and Marty Krofft have been getting allot of airplay.

Earl has used H. R. Pufnstuf in several episodes over the life of the series, but never have they used it to such an extent. Usually, Randy will make an offhand remark that winks at a Krofft show, or he’ll be watching one on television. When Randy decides to delve into creative writing, he create a world where him and Pufnstuf are a crime fighting duo. It was the most overt use of a Krofft creation in ages, and it was great to see…especially Randy’s Doctor Shrinker reference. I wonder how those over 40 and those under 30 reacted to the episode.

The last 3 episodes of South Park have had appearances by Pufnstuf and Witchepoo. When the boys ventured in the Imagination Land, the TiVo was paused to see the array of creatures that they chose to represent. Witchepoo and Pufnstuf were the only 2 I could pick out from Krofft, but it was enough that they were included. It would have been nice to see a Sigmund

So, anyone out there that didn’t grow up with Krofft? Let us hear what you think.