Krofft Comic-Con 2008 Updates


sidandmarty-comiconThe internets are a-buzz with Krofft-news from Comic-Con 2008 in San Diego. Here is a round-up of some of that news.

Over at MovieWeb there are some exclusive video interviews with Sid & Marty Krofft, actors Danny McBride and Jorma Taccone as well as the director Brad Silberling. In the interview, the Krofft brothers discuss LOTL merchandising and plans for Sigmund and Pufnstuf movies.

Over at ComingSoon they have a desciption of the teaser shown at the Land of the Lost Panel.

White on black text reads:
10 thousand pounds
Over 20 feet tall
Driven by hunger
Never before witnessed by man
The scene cuts to a dinosaur walking through a prehistoric jungle. In the foreground, Will Ferrell looks directly into the camera with his back to the creature.
“He’s right behind me, isn’t he?” says Ferrell, “I’m just trying not to move.”
The theme comes up and it cuts to the “Land of the Lost, 2009” text.

At MTV’s MovieBlog Sid and Marty discuss the future H.R. Pufnstuf movie.

“Our next one is Pufnstuf,” explained Sid (79 years young), referring to their beloved children’s show about a mayor with an oversized head and oft-suspected predilection towards marijuana. “And then after that, ‘Sigmund & the Sea Monster.’ They’re all in the works.” “Look. They’re gonna happen when they happen,” chimed in his brother Marty, 71. “With ‘Land of the Lost’ and the way this thing turned out, you just have a gut feeling.”

Let’s end with a very lengthy article at The LA Times. In the article, Sid and Marty clear up a “mistake” in their bio.

For example, take the celebrated Krofft family history: Sid and Marty are supposedly fifth-generation puppeteers, dating to the opening of the Krofft Theater in the early 1700s in Athens. It is a truly amazing tale and cited in almost every article every written about them, and it’s the first line of their bio. It is also not true. It was cooked up by a New York publicist in the 1940s. The brothers have carried it with them ever since, until Sid suddenly decided to clear his conscience in an interview for this story. “It became a trap,” Sid explained, shaking his head. “I was telling Marty the other day how bad it is that some of his children even have heard it and believe it.”

They cite the famous quote from Walt Disney, ‘The one thing to remember is, don’t ever sell anything you create and always put your name above the title, whatever you do. They’ll fight you off from doing it, but stick to it.’ That being said, “Sid and Marty Krofft’s Land of the Lost” premiers on 17 July 2009. Yes!