“Land of the Lost” Films in Ridgecrest, California


Ferrell Gets 'Lost'Will Ferrel’s “Land of the Lost” has been filming for some weeks now. The Sleestaks picture showed us that visually they are headed in the right direction. They’ve continued this by shooting some things on location. The Daily Independent in Ridgecrest is reporting on filming in the area.

“We pretty much start shooting when the sun comes up and shoot pretty much until the sun goes down,” said Claire Raskind, a Unit Publicist for “Land of the Lost.”

Universal’s “Land of the Lost” has also staged exterior shooting in Lancaster and the Dumont Dunes, north of Baker near Death Valley National Park. The Pinnacles served as a “dumping ground” set where “random things” – like an English phone booth and a Bob’s Big Boy bust – fall through time. The sets at the Pinnacles took over a month to build. They have also been shooting on the Universal Studios backlot in Los Angeles.

Again, I go up and down on my anticipation of this film. Hopefully before it debuts I will have been able to erase my fond memories of the originals and go in with a clean slate. I struggle with the Will Ferrell style comedy that seems to be creeping into the film, and if it is too over the top (i.e. “Talladega Nights”) it’ll ruin it for me.

Hopefully the Will Ferrell faithful will flock to the movie and give it big box office numbers. If so, Hollywood would be more likely to back a real Sid & Marty adaption. Maybe we’ll get our “Bugaloos”, “H.R. Pufnstuf” or “Lidsville”.