Land of the Lost Original Series Comic


landofthelost90dvdIf your looking to relive your Land of the Lost memories after the recent Will Ferrell comedy (good or bad), now here is your chance. A comic based on the original 70s TV series is coming:

By: Sean O’reilly, Tony Lee
Type: Comics
Genres: Action-Adventure
Series: Land of the Lost
Publisher: Arcana Studio
Pub. Date: June 24, 2009
Availability: Pre-Order
UPC: 89808400139209001

I’ve pre-ordered copy, but am a little concerned. It was supposed to be released on July 24th, and there is no cover art available. We’ll see when (if) I finally ships.

I’d expected more press for this comic (not even mentioned on the Krofft MySpace page) but only stumbled across it myself. Hopefully it’ll be release soon.