Lethal Weapon 5 Rumors


MovieHole is reporting that Richard Donner is planning a fifth installment of the Mel Gibson/Danny Glover buddy-cop movie Lethal Weapon.

Director Richard Donner apparently has a script… or an outline… or something he thinks is worthwhile. A couple of years back he sounded keen anyway. "It's up to Mel," Donner said. "If he says yes then there's another Lethal Weapon. I have a great story, I'd love to do it and put Lethal Weapon to bed."

Creatively, this is a bad idea.  Leathal Weapon 4 ended so perfectly to resurrect it would be such a obvious hack.  Also, there have been so many copy-cat LW movies in the last 10 years, the concept has been done to death.

Also, I don't agree with MovieHole's evaluation of Gibson's current career.  He may have not had an acting hit in awhile, but on the director front he has had allot of sucess.  Mel seems to be very comfortable behind the camera.