“Life on Mars” Pilot do over


lifeonmarsIn May, we posted that the BBC Drama, “Life on Mars”, was being adapted for ABC. Now there is talk to dumping the pilot and starting over. The LA Times reports:

The network and producers are talking about tossing out the pilot and starting over. Or not; maybe they’ll just tweak a few details. Some of the actors might get canned. Not necessarily, though. One thing we know for sure: Over the last few days, the decision was made to move the series out of Los Angeles — in both its setting and its production — to shoot on location in New York City, giving it a very different look.

Nearly all of the time, I’d prefer the show come directly from BBC to U.S. television (i.e. Doctor Who) instead of being ‘re-imagined’ (i.e. Coupling). “Life On Mars” is a show that would work well, and I don’t believe it needs translation. However, if they simply would have created an entirely new show “based on Life On Mars“, it would make more sense to me. Just use the same premise to inspire a new show.

I’m unsure reshooting or recasting at this point in time is good or bad news. Is it good news?