Lost Comic Cancelled and Brady Book Comes Early


lotl-annaJust recently I reported on a Land of the Lost comic available from Things From Another World. It appears that my concerns were justified as I received this from them:

Your pre-order for Land of the Lost #1 (APR090647F), which was scheduled to be released on 2009-06-24, has been canceled. The release of this item has been canceled by our supplier, and we are unable to obtain it at this time. We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience.

So it appears that the comic is dead. I can only assume it was because of the lackluster performance of the movie at the box office. It is a shame as I believe it could have been a good way to continue the story of LOTL.

In better news….
lovebradysThe highly anticipated book from Ted Nichelson and Susan Olsen which was originally to arrive on September 1st, looks as if it may be coming sooner than expected. This morning, Amazon sent me the following:

Ted Nichelson, et al “Love to Love You Bradys: The Bizarre Story of The Brady Bunch Variety Hour”
Previous estimated arrival date: September 03 2009
New estimated arrival date: August 19 2009

Do you have your order in yet? If not, what are you waiting for?