Lost Season Premiere


I was happy with the Lost season premiere. Yes, it was a setup episode, but a good one. I believe it helped set the stage for this season, and pushed the ‘flash-forward’ mythology in the direction. But, I did have a few issues with the episode, but more the show altogether.

First of all, as I’ve been saying since season one…why don’t they talk to eachother? Desmond, Hurley and company settle the “not Penny’s boat” issue within seconds. Interrupting eachother to work out the issue. Even when they come across lock, the situation is handled. But, when they get to Jack, nobody says anything. They allow Jack to beat, and nearly kill, John without explaining the situation. Had the gun been loaded, John would be dead. Yes, it was done for story purposes, but this has been done way too much over the years, and they rely on it too often. At the end of the episode, Jack still doesn’t know what happened to Charlie and how he “changed his mind”.

The other is at the end when Hurley told Jack that he wished he went with Jack instead of Locke. I didn’t want to know that. That fact was a great character development story that would have had us guessing who was right and who was wrong. Instead of obsessing over the stupid mythology questions (i.e. Christian Sheppard).

Even after that, I still enjoyed the episode and am looking forward to this week.