Lost: The Oceanic Six


evangeline-lilly2.jpgMany were surprised during the season premier to hear of the “Oceanic Six”. Those who read TV blogs knew that Jack, Kate and others were part of this famous troop of “survivors” way before it was revealed on ABC. We even know who they are…

When it comes to spoilers, I don’t mind spoilers on Lost. What has always intrigued me on Lost was the character development and personal interractions that take place, not what “the monster” is. So, knowing that the “Oceanic Six” are Kate, Jack, Hugo, Jin, Sun and Sayid doesn’t ruin the show for me. The “spoiler” that does ruin the show for me was blurted out by Hurley in the last episode.

When Hugo said, “I should have stayed with you”, it ruined a perfectly good character driven story. I would have liked not knowing that Hugo changes his mind, now I’ll just be waiting for the moment when he realizes he was wrong. Or the moment that “they” show us we are wrong. Character development is what drives the show. If the producers continue to cater to the most vocal fans and not the story, the show will be nothing but reveals, and surprises. I don’t care what the giant foot is, or whether or not they are in purgatory. I want character development.