Lost: Were we wrong about the Oceanic Six?


jin.pngA few weeks ago, I wrote about who the oceanic six were going to be. Was that wrong? After this weeks episode, I wonder.

Jin can’t be part of the “Oceanic Six”. On his gravestone was listed 22 September 2004…the date of the plane crash. Therefore, he was considered either one of the 8 (as Jack described in Kate’s trial), or he died in the crash. But they said that we were going to know who ‘the six’ were by this week. So who are they?

I guess it is Aaron. I didn’t think it was before, but he is the only logical one left. So, Claire was one of the ‘8’, and died after giving birth? That is the only theory I have. I wanted Jin to be one of ‘the six’ (even if he died in a flash-forward). We’ll have to wait and find out.