Maureen McCormick inteview in 16 Magazine from 1977


The Brady Bunch is Back
The information in this article is over 20 years old, and cannot be considered current.
Maureen McCormick - 16 Magazine

Maureen (big sister “Marcia Brady”) has probably been the most active Brady since the end of the old series three years ago. She’s made several films -Pony Express Rider with Stewart Peterson, Shine, and Casey’s Shadow with Steve Burns. Maureen’s also done lots of guest appearances on shows such as Harry O, Streets of San Francisco, Gibbsville, Joe Forrester, and Delvecchio.

It was while guesting on The Donny & Marie Show that Maureen first heard the vaguest hints about a Brady Variety special. When the plans for the special were formalized, she agreed to go ahead and be a Brady once more. Of her reunion with fellow cast members, Maureen says “I hadn’t seen anybody since we stopped filming and when I went to the first meeting, it was Susan and Mike that had changed the most.” But Maureen’s been changing lots, too!

Blue-eyed Maureen is 20 20 years old, 5’3″ tall, and her blonde hair has turned to a beautiful sandy color. She lives in a super, modern apartment in Los Angeles and plans to stay there for some time. Maureen says that one of her biggest extravagances is perfume- she buys tons all the time! She also treats herself to lots and lots of plants! Maureen’s into nature and health foods too, and she takes lots of vitamins each day. She says she’s never felt better or more energetic in her life!

When Maureen’s not working, she attends classes in a U.C.L.A. extension program. The rest of her spare time is divided among lots of interesting sports, hobbies, and people. Maureen loves water-skiing, snow-skiing, and horseback riding (she grew up on a horse ranch that belonged to her dad). She loves the relaxing feeling of being up in the cool mountains or riding along the beach at Malibu! At home Maureen loves to sit around, play the guitar, and write music. She simply loves the Bee Gees, but her truly fave group is the Brothers of the World – that’s cause her boyfriend Chris Mancini (son of conductor/musician Henry Mancini) is a member! Don’t fret tho, cos Muareen doesn’t have any wedding plans yet, so if you’ve got big, adorable, honest eyes (she loves men’s eyes) you’re still in the running!

Right now Maureen wants to devote herself to her acting career and to her music. Lots of her friends are actors and musicians, so she’s always surrounded by the people and the things she loves the most. One of Maureen’s greatest ambitions, in terms of her career, is to work with Dustin Hoffman – “Him more than anyone else because of the unexpectedness he brings to his performance. That would make it more fun and more challenging.” And Maureen’s great at taking on challenging work- that’s why you’ll be hearing more from this terrific young star!