Mike Lookinland inteview in 16 Magazine from 1977


The Brady Bunch is Back
The information in this article is over 20 years old, and cannot be considered current.
Mike Lookinland - 16 Magazine

Mike (“Bobby Brady”) and Susan Olsen were always scene stealers on the old Brady show – not intentionally, mind you, but they were so young and cute and adorable that it just happened naturally. And although everyone on The Brady Bunch Variety Hour special was superb in performance and appearance, Mike managed to steal the scene again! The first person you noticed in the group was Mike, cos he looked so different! Mike’s terrific new curly hair style is very different from the way you were use to seeing it before- straight and then a bit wavy as he got older. His hair’s a few shades lighter, too! Mike really looks like a Brady son now, since all the other guys, including dad Robert Reed, have exactly the same hair-do!

Speaking of family, 16-year-old Mike has been spending lots of time with his-they’re a very close-knit and religious family (Mormon, like Donny & Marie). There’s mom, Karen Lookinland, sister Therese (an actress) and brother Todd (also an actor), and Mike’s dad- who just happens to be the principal of Mike’s high school! Talk about togetherness! Mike has had to take an awful lot of ribbing from the kids at school on two counts- first cos of his dad, and second, cos of his acting career. He’s managed to take it all in stride, tho- he’s a very well adjusted young man!

Since the start of production on the new Brady variety series, Mike has been doing less skate boarding, surfing, and swimming. Most of his energy is taken up by his work-and Mike’s loving every minute of it! He’s thrilled to be singing again! Mike would love nothing better than to have a full-fledged singing career. So far, he’s sure heading in the right direction!