My Fair Brady Season 3 this Sunday


My Fair BradyAlthough we don’t watch much if any reality television in my house, our guilty pleasure is The Surreal Life on VH1. The spin-off, My Fair Brady, has become one also. Season 3, starring Adrianne Curry (Next Top Model) and Christopher Knight (The Brady Bunch) begins tomorrow. The events of the show will be over a year old, as VH1 has been holding series for some reason. Back in August, Adrianne Curry wrote in her personal blog:

As most of you know, My Fair Brady was originally supposed to air in July. Then, it got pushed back to September. Now, I have been informed that they want a better show to pair it with so they are pushing it to January of 08. Yes, this show will be old and stale as hell. We filmed in pods this time, meaning that we filmed a week here, and a week there. I believe the last of our filming was in Febuary, so yes, the show will be a year or more old in parts…and the last bit will be almost a year old. They did the same thing with Fame Games. It took them forever to air it. However, when they did, it was very successful. they know what they are doing.

During season 4 of the Surreal Life, the cast was asked to pitch a show to VH1 as part of the game. My Fair Brady is essentially what Curry pitched during that episode. The first 2 seasons were a fun diversion, and it looks like we may even get a 4th

We have been asked about a 4th season of My Fair Brady. We are thinking long and hard about it all. If anything, I think I almost want people to see how much I’ve grown. This new season coming out is a year old. I don’t feel like people will be seeing who I am today.

It can be annoying at times (I’m sure because of the way the producers edit it), but mostly very entertaining. The dynamics between these 2 celebs are enjoyable to watch. If you usually don’t enjoy reality fare, give it a chance. If not only to see Peter Brady all grown up. Those who are fans, what about the delay of the episodes? Is it less interesting now?