New Show Surprises


bigbangThere were several fall shows this season that I gave a chance. My usual rule is 3 episodes; if I haven’t bought into the show by then I drop it. Well, there were a couple of shows I thought I was going to drop, but didn’t.

The first is The Big Bang Theory. This show was a pleasant surprise. Where characters could have easily been cookie cutter sitcom characters they’ve developed surprisingly deep and unusual characters that we easily fell in love with. An example is Kelly Cuoco’s character Penny. Instead of being a 21st century Chrissy Snow, she is more of an average girl in an average situation, which makes her interactions with the Ph. D’s. Also, though Galecki is the more recognizable actor, Parson’s Sheldon Cooper is the star of the show. His self-aware, I-don’t-care attitude is extremely enjoyable. Both him and Leonard are excellent characters who break the stereotypical sitcom geek/nerd roles.

Second isSamantha Who?. I almost didn’t watch the show, but because I am a fan of Christina Applegate(I did like Jesse) I tuned in to check out the first episode. A completely inplausable premise is played out beautifully in this show. It does delve into typical sitcom-land, but it does it well. The star of this show is no doubt Applegate. This show grows on me more and more each week.

These are not necessarily my favorite shows this season, but the shows that surprised me.