Not Maybe, but Definitely


definitelymaybe.jpgRyan Reynolds has had his hits and misses, but this one is definitely a hit. He pulls off one of his best performances to date, with the help of Abigail Breslin in Definitely, Maybe.

I’m sure that the writer/director, Adam Brooks, has an 10 year old daughter. The scenes between Reynolds and Breslin were perfectly written, and performed. Originally I was wary of the ‘telling a backstory’ style that the movie employed, but the Abigail Breslin made it for me.

The supporting cast, Elisabeth Banks, Rachel Weisz, and Isla Fischer were also excellent. In fact, this was the best I’ve seen Fischer. She showed range in this film that I’m just not used to from her. Banks, though having a small part, was extremely good. Again, it appeared she stretched in this film (as Reynolds did), and did it well. Weisz was actually the least impressive (in my opinion). She did ok, but I wasn’t close to blown away.

The strong part of this film was the story. It could have been cheesy, but it wasn’t. It was sweet and intriguing at the same time. A disappointment in the film was partly my fault. At the beginning, Isla Fischer is given 2nd billing in the credits followed by Breslin, and I noticed. So, I knew up front that she would be the one that Reynolds would end up with. I wish they would have given Breslin 2nd billing instead.

I give Definitely, Maybe a “Really glad I seen it!”.