Original Holly in new “Land of the Lost”


kathy2Even though the upcoming “Land of the Lost” movie looks like it’s going to be a complete Will Ferrell fest, some fun news has just been brought to my attention. Kathy “Holly” Coleman has posted on her MySpace page the following:

Kathy is thrilled that she will be a part of the new “Land of the Lost” movie starring Will Ferrell. She will be filming her part soon. Stay tuned for more information on the movie.

This is great that they are honoring her with this cameo. Only die-hard fans of “Land of the Lost” will recognize, or even know, who she is, but it’s still great.

Every time I see new news about the movie, I hope that it’ll do something to change my expectations of crap. I want to love this movie. Maybe it’ll at least do good box office numbers so that future Krofft movies can be made.

I think “Lidsville” or “Bugaloos” would be great to re-imagine for modern audiences. Hopefully we’ll get more from our beloved Krofft productions. What do you think of Kathy’s cameo?