Penn and Teller Back. No Bull$&!T


penn-and-tellerThe dynamic duo is coming back to network television playing (who else) themselves. The stars and creators of one of cable televisions best shows, Penn & Teller Bullshit, are now taking their R-rated act to PG television. Variety reports:

ABC has given a script order to the Penn and Teller project. Comedic one-hour stars the duo as Penn Jillette and Teller — Las Vegas magicians by night. But here’s how the show takes a slight twist from real life: By day, the duo become reluctant detectives.

I love Penn and Teller. I first subscribed to Showtime just to get their show. I wonder how their brand of humor (if you’ve seen the Showtime program you’ll know what I mean) will translate to ABC/Disney. I have high hopes though. I don’t believe that they’d put their name on it if it wasn’t quality (I’m not saying that they don’t sell out, but it usually has someone else’s name over the title).

The description reminds me of Curb Your Enthusiasm. On Curb, Larry plays a caricature of himself. Here P&T will be doing something similar. I’m definitely putting this on my watch list.