Prison Break…Almost


We almost had a break out last night. Although this season has been less contrived that the last two, what happened last night felt like a season 1 episode. The only thing that bothered me was Michael knew it was his only chance, but instead of trying to beat the cloud, he climbed back up the ladder (which seemed to take longer than running for the fence).

The best part of the episode was the inclusion of Sucre in the episode. It was great to see his commitment to helping Lincoln out. For once, I didn’t see it coming when Sucre pulled his car in front of the van. Although I don’t know why Lincoln didn’t just shoot the girl while she was in the truck. It was a little contrived.

I don’t believe that Whistler is that involved in <i>The Company</i>.  They simply made a deal with him to get him out.  But, how his involvement will affect his relationship with Michael is going to be interesting.

It was a good two hours, and I hope it is indicative of the future of the season.