Prison Break…Water, Water, Everywhere…


Prison BreakThis season of Prison Break is progressing much differently than I expected. Things are moving much faster. I really expected it to develop much the way that season #1 did.In season 1, the creators mentioned that they had a 3 season arc for Prison Break: 1-break out, 2-on the run, 3-break out again. It now seems that season 3 will more be a combination of seasons 1 and 2. Micheal only has 1 week to free Whistler, so if they take 1 day = 1 episode, then we have 7 weeks of breaking out. Then, there is the run to save Sara and LJ, as well as the fact that Michael is still a criminal. The remaining 10-15 episodes could either sum up the series or put Michael back in jail.

As much as I like Prison Break, I worry that if they go to a fourth season, it’ll start to get stale…jump the shark so to speak. Who knows, this season could set things in motion that will make continuing the series exciting.