Pushing Daisies Does It Again


I was completely delighted to see that Pushing Daisies managed to keep the freshness alive in the second week. I have started to feel nervous whenever Ned and Chuck are standing next to each other. We know that they won’t kill off Chuck anytime soon, but they really create the tension. The surreal environment that they have created allows the leap that you need to take to enjoy the show.

Again, the narration adds so much enjoyment to the show, and keeps the whimsical atmosphere that I enjoyed in the Pie-lette. The dandelion car, at first, seemed a little much but almost immediately fit into the world of Daisies. Here was an episode that was completely on par with the first. Guest star Patrick Fabian was excellent as the car company president.

I’m really pulling for Daisies. It is great to have such a well crafted show that doesn’t need to be dissected (i.e. Heroes/Lost). I finally realized that the show was created by Bryan Fuller who created one of my favorite canceled shows Wonderfalls. This show definitely has the same style, but was implemented better.

I can’t wait for next week.