Pushing Daisies…wow


ANNA FRIELThe Pushing Daisies pilot was the best 40 minutes of television that I can remember seeing. It was so good it could have been a theatrical movie. It looked beautiful. It was acted and directed beautifully. It was extremely entertaining. The Suess’ian voice-over would normally be annoying in a prime-time show, but in the case of Daisies, it was perfect. From the very first minute, I was completely engaged in the show. After only one episode, I feel like I’ve known these characters forever.

For those who have not seen Daisies (shame on you), it will remind you of Big Fish and possibly Stardust. Though not a fairytale, the tone is very much a fairytale. Kind of like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

I really hope that they can keep the freshness of this show throughout the season. I have never been this engaged in a show after only one episode. It is just amazing.