Quick Review: Brave Men Run


bravemenrun.pngI read the novel, “Brave Men Run” ( by
Matthew Wayne Selznick ) on a single flight from Detroit to Denver. Was it short in comparison to some novels? Yes. But I was able to finish the book because I just could not put it down. It was that engaging.

It is the story of a teenage boy who is struggles with being different. He has the attributes of a cat, and a strength proportion more than his own. An outcast, but not for those reasons. This is the story of his coming of age. From boy to man. From human to Sovereign.

In reading the novel, fans of NBCs “Heroes” will undoubtedly see parallels to the books backdrop, and that of the TV show. Myself, I wondered if the producers of “Heroes” hadn’t read this novel before developing their show. But, each work can exist separate, and the similarity should not detract from either.

The main character of Nate is well written, and reacts in situations more like a real person than a storybook character. His handling of situations from bullies to girls bring a sense of realism to the story. He is worthy of his quest.

Matthew Wayne Selznick is currently working on a sequel, “Pilgrimage”. At this time, he’s 35% done. I will pre-order it as soon as possible.

I highly recommend “Brave Men Run”, and suggest you pick it up for your next flight.