Quick Review: Stardust


stardust.jpgWell yesterday my wife and I got the chance to see the new movie Stardust, and I was pleasantly surprised. Stardust is a mature-themed fairy-tale, which hints of Narnia’s Lion, Witch & Wardrobe.

Let me start by saying that I hadn’t seen any reviews, or read anything about this movie prior to going to see it. What I knew of it was from the trailers on television. The movie started off uneven, seemed slow in the first 20 minutes. That may be because I wasn’t sure of the type of movie it was supposed to be. But later in the story, it was made evident that those first 20 minutes were necessary. Once the movie hit its stride, I found it amazing.

The performance of Claire Danes was worth the price of admission alone. She was so terrific in the film; so engaging that you couldn’t take your eyes off of her. She stole every scene that she was in. I will admit that most of my enjoyment of the film came from watching her.

There are some campy aspects of the movie, but they fit well in the story. You are already so engaged at that time, that it doesn’t take you out of the film.

Surprisingly I was somewhat disappointed by Michelle Pfieffer’s performance. She did well, but was overshadowed by the other excellent acting. Once or twice, she took me out of the story.

In all I absolutely loved the movie, and will admit it may be because I wasn’t expecting such compelling performances or such an engaging story. I give Stardust a 9.5 out of 10.