Report From The Hollywood Show

Marion Ross of Happy Days at The Hollywood Collectors Show

This past weekend The Hollywood Show was held at the Burbank Airport Marriott Hotel & Convention Center. The two day event was filled with many stars spanning 60 years of television and film. This was the first time I’ve ever attended an event like this, and travelled from Michigan to experience it first hand.

Several of the Krofft family was there, including Marty Krofft himself. For coverage of the Krofft portion of the show, go to KROFFT.NET.

Marion Ross of Happy Days at The Hollywood Collectors Show
Marion Ross of Happy Days at The Hollywood Collectors Show

The main attraction was the Happy Days cast. Everyone of the core cast was there except Ron Howard. Throughout the day there was a huge lineup to see get autographs and pictures with the cast. I spoke with Henry Winkler and Marion Ross. They were both amazing to talk to, and Marion hasn’t aged a day. The whole cast seemed to be enjoying there time at the show, especially Erin Moran. She was just as excited to see some of her celebrity friends as the fans were to see her.

As a big fan of The View Askewniverse, it was exciting to meet Jason Mewes (not to mention my wife’s infatuation with him. He was very genuine, and was the only celebrity to spend the entire day in front of his table. As I expected, he was very humble, and put on the “Jay” attitude for pictures. It was great (now if I had only remembered my Clerks DVD for him to sign. It already has Kevin Smith’s autograph). My wife took a picture with him and got a great autograph.

Me and Adrianne CurryAlong with The Brady Kids, Christopher Knight’s wife, and the first America’s Next Top Model, Adrianne Curry was there supporting Precious Paws. As I’ve mentioned before, I didn’t watch Top Model but first discovered Adrianne on The Surreal Life where she met her husband Chris. It was a joy meeting Adrianne in person. We arrived as they were setting up (the show was so unorganized) and had a chance to meet Adrianne and Chris before the crowds came. She was very down to earth (as was the whole Brady group) and very good to her fans. I only wish I had more time to talk with her as I do love to read her blog and would have enjoyed discussing some of her life philosophy in person.

From what I’ve heard, Lou Ferrigno is a sweetheart, but he is very intimidating to meet in person. The man is huge and solid. I had him autograph two pictures for my sons. I felt like a little kid when I shook his hand.

There were many other celebrities there, but the show itself was run horribly. The celebrities were told it opened at 10am, but they let us in at 9am (and 80% of them weren’t there, and the ones that were there were setting up). They had Marty Krofft in a corner next to Playboy Models no where near the other Krofft actors. They had Rosanna Arquette stuffed in the corner behind the Happy Days line where she couldn’t be seen. They had Jason Mewes next to the Munchkins from the Wizard of Oz. Not to mention Phil LaMarr and Billy West (Futurama) buried in the corner of the lobby next to a Psychic. But, would I got again…Yes.

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