Review: Iron Man


ironmanYesterday morning I took the family to see John Favreau’s “Iron Man”. Even though half of the family didn’t even know who Iron Man was, they all enjoyed the film. I’ve been fan of Iron Man for years. He is one of the Marvel universe characters that I absolutely love. I take offense to those who call him a “Batman knockoff”. Those people don’t have an understanding of either character past the rich boy connection.

If the movie has one flaw it is that the story is too good, and too compelling. Like “Batman Begins”, it is a film first, and a comic book movie second. The superb acting by all involved, and the intricate story all make for a perfect movie. Because of this wonderful film, the action is lacking.

There is only really one big scene in the film, and it is a night. Having the battle at night takes away from the near perfect special effects….we can’t see them. The other big battle scene (Iron Man in Afghanistan) is took short, but proves the amazing accomplishment this was in visual effects as it is in full sunlight in the dessert.

As I said before, more than half of my family of 7 really didn’t know Iron Man. My wife agreed to see it only because Robert Downey Jr and Gwyneth Paltrow we in it. On the way out, she said, “We’re going to have to buy that one when it comes out.” She doesn’t like comic book movies, but loved “Iron Man”.

On that note, what Favreau really accomplished was giving us a movie that both fans and newcomers alike would love. We weren’t beat over the head with comic references, but at the same time kept true to the characters. Tony Stark’s questionable character and subsequent crusade was explained perfectly and enjoyably. By the time the Mark III appeared, everyone knows who Tony is/was and what his motivations are to become a Iron Man. Also, credit for this must be given to the more than perfect performance of Stark by Downey. He brought his A-game to what some actors would consider a ‘b-movie’.

“Iron Man” was the best comic book film I’ve ever seen — because it was a film first and a comic book movie second. “The Dark Knight” has a lot to compete with this summer.

I give “Iron Man” a have to see it a few more times!